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You’ve Been Folding Your Socks Incorrectly This Entire Time

A messy sock drawer is a gateway drug to a messy life. This could be the most important video of your day (maybe even life). Stop losing things in plain site and level up your OCD with this technique: Share this with someone that is on the same level of organization!

Alaksa Airlines Delays Flight To Show Passengers Something Truly Amazing

Some people may go their entire life without seeing a solar eclipse. Alaska Airlines recently delayed a flight to give passengers the once in a lifetime experience of seeing it from the sky. Watch some of the awe inspiring footage below: Share this with someone that you know hates flight delays!


7 Bizarre Medical Procedures of the Rich and Famous

We all know that Hollywood if full of beautiful people willing to try anything and everything to stay young and healthy. But some of the medical treatments that they undergo are truly strange. If you had unlimited money and time would you try any of these?   1. Cord Blood Banking: Kourtney Kardashian   Kourtney…

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What Does Your Poop Say About You…..The Answer May Shock You

Everyone poops. That is a fact we already know but a more important fact is what that poop means about your general health and wellness. has put together this important infographic to better educate us on our bodies.   Now go forth and be sure to hydrate and eat more veggies.


Vagina Flavored Beer Is Real (Almost)

The Order of Yoni is ready to tingle your taste-buds: “Imagine the essence of a woman in one bottle of beer. Beer with a flavour of Champagne!” The name Yoni which apparently stands for vagina in in Sanskirt a language that didn’t exist until this Indiegogo campaign was launched.  For $11,389.85 USDs you can have 60…


What Happens When You Drop A Basketball Off Of A Dam Is Shockingly Cool

What happens when you take 1 basketball, a dam, and scientific theory? What happens next is a true act of science that can teach us all about physics. Watch this experiment about the Magnus Effect. It could explain how to bend it like Beckham…   Like Basketball? Find Out Which NBA Player You are. Take…

Photo by: ABC News

Face Herpes Is A Thing, And Your Kids Can Get It!

Ever heard of face herpes? No? Well then you were not a wrestler in high school. Herpes Gladiatorum is a strain of herpes that is very common with wrestlers, and gladiators. We are not entertained. Meet Blake Flovin from Fresno, CA, after a meet in San Jose, he contracted what looked and was diagnosed as acne….