Internet’s Best Reactions To Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Winning An Oscar


Long-Running memes survive, as Leonardo DiCaprio wins first Oscar. Last night, after years of fruitless nominations, Leonardo DiCaprio finally took home the Oscar for Best Actor. He had the whole world rooting for him, so the fanbase’s reaction to his Best Actor win were even better than his own, as the internet erupted with memes supporting the actor. From the Titanic to The Great Gatsby, here are the memes that went viral after DiCaprio’s win.







Others began Leonardo’s acceptance speech in the same way that Titanic’s Rose Dewitt Bukater started her story about how she met Jack Dawson




Monday blues: Feeling the end-of-weekend blues, most users used it as inspiration to get through Monday



Smug: Using a picture from The Great Gatsby, it was believed that Leo would be feeling a bit smug



Finally: The relief was felt across the internet and Leo was seen dancing in The Wolf Of Wall Street



Cloud nine: The next day, some imagined Leo walking down the street, holding his award.