7 Best Valentine’s Day Breakfast Recipes


Since Valentine’s Day falls on Sunday this year, what better way to surprise your Valentine than with breakfast in bed! Say I love you with these easy ideas. This a great way to do something special for your whole family!




Sweetheart Cinnamon Rolls

Easy instructions from Pillsbury on how to turn their ready to bake cinnamon rolls into heart shaped gooey goodness!




Heart Shaped French Toast with Stewed Berries

A Valentine’s spin on french toast from Yummy Mummy Kitchen. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to turn french toast into a deeply felt message of love. This recipe also includes instructions on how to make a killer stewed berries topping which is a healthier alternative to syrup.





Bacon Hearts Recipe

If you are not a chef, you can still figure this one out. Bacon hearts! There is no way to pull at a man’s heart strings like Bacon. You won’t have to do anything else, just serve this idea from The Paper Mama!





Eggs in a Basket Valentine’s Style!

Another use for that heart shaped cookie cutter from Juneberry Lane. A take on a classic, this adds in some savory to the sweet and still screams I love you!




Conversation Heart Toast

Does anyone really like those conversation hearts? While not the most tasty, they are a Valentine’s Day staple. Hungry Happenings re-created them in toast! So cute and fun!




Pink Heart Pancakes

If you are feeling really battered in love, these two toned pancakes from Pure Heart are pink perfection!





Cherry Heart Pies

From AZ Valentines Day, use Refrigerated pie crust and your handy dandy heart shaped cookie cutter to create mini pies filled with love and cherries!