7 Bizarre Medical Procedures of the Rich and Famous

We all know that Hollywood if full of beautiful people willing to try anything and everything to stay young and healthy. But some of the medical treatments that they undergo are truly strange. If you had unlimited money and time would you try any of these?


1. Cord Blood Banking: Kourtney Kardashian

Photo By: HollyWood Life

Photo By: HollyWood Life


Kourtney Kardashian saved her baby’s umbilical cord blood and had it banked at the StemCyte cord blood bank. The cord blood is rich in stem cells, which could be used if the child ever develops a disease that requires a bone marrow transplant. Most commonly a bone marrow transplant would be used to treat Leukemia and other conditions such as Aplastic Anemia. Cord blood banking eliminates the need to find or wait for a donor. This one might be worth the investment of $1,400-$2,300, even if you are not Rich and Famous.

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