9 Things Auto Insurers Don’t Want You to Know!

9-Things Auto Insurances Don't Want You to KnowImage by: augsburger


1. Car insurers treat people with a poor credit score worse than drunk drivers

Car insurers use credit information to predict a driver’s likelihood of filing a claim. The companies score you based on their own algorithms, you never see these and you have no right to see them unlike a FICO score.

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2. Your shopping habits play a role in your premium increases

Insurers gather Big Data to predict how much of a price increase you’ll tolerate without quitting the company and shopping for a better deal elsewhere. If you have had the same phone carrier for 10 years you may tolerate a larger rate increase and not start shopping for a new policy.

3. Car insurance premiums are highly based on socioeconomic factors not driving habits

Owning a house, being a republican, having kids, being married, auto insurers use all these factors to determine who is most likely to file a claim.

4. Insuring a new teen driver will result in huge increases

It varies state to state, but averages around a 90% increase.

5. Comparing Quotes Has Never Been Easier.

If you haven’t checked your car insurance rate in a while, you are wasting a lot of money! You probably shop around when purchasing a new television, a house, or many other items, so why not shop around for the best insurance rates. Sites such as Auto Insurance Quotes Zone make it even easier to compare savings and quotes, just click here to enter your zip code and compare premiums in your area.



6. Bundling home and car insurance does not save you much money

On average bundling saves just $97 dollars a year, and in many cases it is more expensive.

7. Cheaper insurance is not better

You have to compare rates on even coverage levels. Insurance companies compare rates, but they do not always show you coverage to coverage rates. Click here to compare the best coverage to coverage rates in your area, all it takes is a Zip Code.

8. Your rates will go up after a claim

Even with accident forgiveness, it will only stop increases for 1 accident.

9. You can make changes to providers and policies anytime

Shop around every couple of years or annually, if possible.

What Else Can You Do (Most Important Tips)?

  • Be a squeaky wheel. Price optimization algorithms think you’re a schmo if you don’t complain about your policy or price, so be sure to ask why your premium has gone up—whenever it goes up. If you are unhappy with the service you receive, complain.
  • Use Online Tools To Compare Rates: There are many online tools that are great to compare quotes side by side. We highly recommend checking Auto Insurance Quotes Zone, just enter your Zip Code to instantly compare rates in your area. Stop wasting money paying more than you need to for auto insurance! www.autoinsurancequoteszone.com

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