Can You Believe What Most Searched Porn Term In Your State Is?

Can You Believe What The Most Searched Porn Term In Your State Is?

Pornhub just released the most popular search terms by each state and you’ll never guess what some of these states are searching for . . . [playbuzz-item url=””]

Photo By: LA Times

The Surprising Results Of Super Tuesday

Bernie won Colorado and Trump took 7 states! Do you know by how much? [playbuzz-item url=”//”]

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Would Donald Drump Fans Support Hitler?

In this “social experiment” or prank, the team from SoFlo read Hitler quotes to Donald Trump’s supporters, and you won’t believe their responses!  

Super Tuesday Candidate

Match the Voter to the Super Tuesday Candidate

Can you tell which Presidential Candidate these US voters are supporting, just by looking at them? [playbuzz-item url=”//”]