Take A Look Inside Of Trump Force One

We’ve all see Trump’s level of spectacle but this plane is what makes him so golden. First here are some highlights: Seats 43 people Everything is plated in 24k gold Dinning area with seating for 6 Private Bedroom with gold silk wrapped walls Full size master bathroom with stand up shower

Get Paid 90k a Year To Party In The Desert

The U.S. Department Of The Interior’s Bureau Of Land Management is hiring a a Full Time Project Manager for Burning Man. Reread that sentence out loud to yourself and let it sink in. Are you looking for a career that involves the following: Occasional Travel Heavy Drinking In The Desert Sun Planning and Managing Natural Resources…

Tinder Adds STD Warning

Tinder Adds STD Testing Feature

After surpassing the 9 billion matches (one night stands) mark, Tinder has finally added a Health Safety link on it’s homepage. The page gives you a series of questions to ask yourself before swiping, and then directs you to Healthvana’s free HIV and STD testing locator. The service is offered through a partnership with Healthvana, which is a…

Decrease Stress

Heart Rate Monitor Stress Test – Get Your Accurate Heart Rate Condition In Real Time

Heart Rate Monitor Stress Test is More Accurate Than Other Methods Before the development of portable heart rate monitors, manual methods for determining heart rates during performance were the only techniques available. The electronic equipment capable of registering and recording performance data had not been miniaturized and was only used and available to doctors and…

Improve Low Libido

10 Natural Ways to Improve Your Sex Drive

When it comes to the male libido, no one ever expects there to be an issue. Males want sex, all the time right? It is what our society and to some degree science, have decided is the status quo. But what if you just aren’t in the mood? Whether you are in a long term…

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Self-Empowerment: Keeping It Simple

Over the past few months, the concepts of stripping back the superfluous, simplifying and pulling apart the true meaning of integrity have been strong personal themes. For many people, there’s a drive to again inspect old patterns that continue to run happily in the background despite years of self-examination. Perhaps under the direction of a…

9 Tax Return Tips

7 Mind Numbingly Stupid Mistakes That Will Mess Up Your Tax Return

Whether intentional or unintentional, tax return mistakes may have big consequences. Here are the seven most common mistakes that you have to pay close attention to.   1. Misspelled or different names Misspelling your name or not using the correct name will cause obvious issues with your return. Double check this easily overlooked piece. If…

9-Things Auto Insurances Don't Want You to Know

9 Things Auto Insurers Don’t Want You to Know!

  1. Car insurers treat people with a poor credit score worse than drunk drivers Car insurers use credit information to predict a driver’s likelihood of filing a claim. The companies score you based on their own algorithms, you never see these and you have no right to see them unlike a FICO score.  …

Harp Refinance

Homeowners In For a Pleasant Surprise in 2016

Breaking news straight from the mortgage market! The Government extends HARP (Home Affordable Program) into 2016, making millions of homeowners eligible for lower mortgage payments and lower interest rates. For those that haven’t heard about HARP, it is a government program designed to help homeowners save hundreds of dollars each month by refinancing their mortgages…