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The Four Quadrants Personality Quiz

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Want A Free Chipotle Burrito?

  While Chipotle is closed for a company wide food safety training today they are giving out free Burrito coupons to be redeemed at a later date. There are 2 simple steps outlined below: Text RAINCHECK to 888222 Follow the link they text you and enjoy a free burrito

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Why Do Men Always Think Women Are Flirting?

Why Do Men Always Think Women Are Flirting? Many men have found themselves in this position: You see a girl, you say hello, and she smiles,  says hi in return. The first thing that you think is “Oh man, she wants me.” Guess what? In her mind, it is just polite, nothing more. Yes, trust…


10 Women You Will Date As A Grown Man.

10 Women You Will Date as a Grown Man       The Basic Bitch: Let’s pretend that women are graded on a bell curve. If so the basic bitch is the meaty part of the curve. This is your standard issue female, they come complete with 4 “bff’s,” 7 social media accounts full of…


Chick-Fil-A Recommends Eating 3 Packs Of Nuggets A day Because MERICA’

Chick-Fil-A is stepping up it’s social crusade by handing out tips for healthier living. Besides trying to save cows from becoming hamburgers, impressionable teens from becoming gay, and replacing the words you’re welcome with “My Pleasure,” they’ve taken to a higher cause – Making sure their customers live longer and keep driving same store sales by eating…


The $5 Footlong Is Dead, Long Live The $6 Footlong

Today subway announced the $5 Foot-long deal will no longer be available starting 2/4. The sandwich maker can’t keep up with the rising cost of meat. The $6 foot long doesn’t sound so great in a jingle or compared to other lunch deals. First Jared and now this, how much more can subway fans take?