Daily News Roundup – April 3, 2018

Shooting at YouTube HQ, Reports Of 4 Injured People

San Bruno Police has confirmed that there was an active shooter at the YouTube HQ In San Bruno, CA. The reported shooter, an unidetified woman, was found dead from apparent self-inflicting wounds.

There are multiple injured individuals, 4 to 5 of them, who have all been transported to a local hospital.

Employees started hearing shots at about 1 pm local time and were fleeing the building. They were aware of lots of noises as people started running along hallways. There was chaos in conference rooms and outside as confused employees were trying to assess the situation. A witness said, they heard about 3 shots and then another round of 10 shots.

“I think there might be a shooter in my building,” read one text. “The fire alarm went off so we started to evacuate and then people (started) running saying there was a shooter.”

Police and Firefighters responded with a massive presence and secured the area. They advised local traffic to stay clear of neighboring streets. It is unclear at this point if the shooter was a YouTube employee and what caused today’s terrible incident. Story developing.