Daily News Roundup – April 5, 2018

Did Facebook Share Your Personal Data? You Can Find Out Soon.

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal is not going to be over anytime soon as more news surface every day. After the social media giant had announced that roughly 50 million user profile’s information were shared and used, the number has now increased to 87 million. Roughly 70.6 million of those users are in the US.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook denies any wrong doing and says he was unaware of the data breach. He also admits the he didn’t believe fake news were a threat after the election in 2016.  He said he made a “huge mistake” by not putting more emphasis on protecting user data. He is scheduled to testify before Senate next week.

Rumor has it that next week Facebook is going to start notifying users that were affected by the data breach.

Facebook has also announced stricter rules for third party apps and will cut back on the information these apps can are collect from users. With Zuckerberg now being questioned and investigated by the FTC, the company’s future is uncertain as many users have started to delete their profiles.