Daily News Roundup – April 6, 2018

Norwegian’s Cruise Of Construction Horror Leaves Guests Upset

On March 16th, the horror cruise for 2000 passengers began as they boarded the Norwegian Cruise Line’s “Sun” ship. The 15-day luxurious journey was set to sail to Los Angeles. However once on board guests discovered that the “luxury” liner was under heavy construction. Passengers were only informed about the ongoing renovation after the ship left the port.

From unsafely stored chemicals to noisy power tools and construction dust everywhere, the emergency exits were cordoned off and apparent toxic exposure was to be found everywhere. About 450 very upsets guests have now formed a Facebook group and are rallying together against Norwegian Line online. They argue that the cruise line failed to inform them upfront and still charged them full price for their cruise.

“My husband and I were on this cruise. WORST experience!! Between the fumes, noise, construction, insulation, paint particles, etc. my husband (who has serious health issues) couldn’t leave our cabin often,” passenger Annie Barber wrote in the Facebook group.


Dust and debris from construction littered the ship.  (Charles P. O’Dale/Mary Ann Lapeze)

“At Norwegian Cruise Line, we continuously aim to offer the best vacation experience for all our guests. As part of our Norwegian Edge program, Norwegian Sun is currently undergoing enhancements to better serve our guests. The program is a significant investment designed to ensure every ship across the fleet delivers a consistently high-quality experience to all of our guests,” a representative said. “While we do our utmost to minimize any impact on the guest experience when these enhancements are taking place, we recognize that in this situation our guests have experienced some inconvenience.”

So far Norwegian has only offered a 25% credit on future cruises but no refunds. The battle for justice continues online.