Daily News Roundup – April 9, 2018

Conor McGregor Loses UFC Lightweight Champion Title Following His Arrest

Following Thursday’s incident where McGregor and entourage attacked a bus and injured two fellow UFC fighters, the lightweight champion was officially striped of his title Saturday, UFC President Dana White has announced. At a news conference after the UFC 223 fight, White just stated that Khabib Nurmagomedov is now the undisputed lightweight champion.

Officially, the UFC is not confirming that the move of stripping McGregor of his title has anything to do with Thursday’s incident which also resulted in McGregor’s arrest. White had announced earlier that due to inactivity McGregor’s reign might soon come to an end, but it does look like the arrest sped this up. McGregor is due back in court June 14 and his return to the UFC scheduled for September is most likely not going to happen now.