Daily News Roundup – March 13, 2018

Three Austin Bombings Connected – City On Edge

AUSTIN, TX. — A third bombing in Texas’ capitol has exploded in just the last 10 days.  Austin Police Department has reason to believe that the blasts are all related, though can’t be sure as to whether or not the victims were targeted or what is the motive behind such attacks.

The explosions has rattled the community, where residents have become wary of “box-type deliveries”.  The explosions have killed two and injured one woman.

The first blast occurred on March 2, killing a 39-year-old African-American man, Anthony Stephan House, a former pastor at an historic black church in Austin.  Another bombing on Monday killed another African-American male, an unnamed 17-year-old who, like House, was related to prominent members of Austin’s African-American community, according to sources.

There is not enough evidence to determine whether or not these incidents are race-driven events, though authorities have considered the possibility of hate crime because of the individuals’ close relationships with the African-American community.