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At Stoneman Douglas High School, cell phone videos take us inside a massacre

(CNN) The terrifying videos from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School place viewers right inside the bloodied classrooms and hallways of the school. We can hear the gunshots and the cries for help. We can see the bodies on the floor.

That’s what is different about this episode of mass murder.

 So much of the coverage from Parkland, Florida is numbingly similar to Columbine, Virginia Tech, and numerous other shooting sites. We’re all too accustomed to seeing videos of students fleeing campus; interviews with eyewitnesses; reunions with parents.

But we’re not used to being transported to the crime scene through the cell phone cameras of the victims. This is new and blood-curdling.

In one video clip, we see that some students had to walk by several lifeless bodies while being evacuated from the building.

In another clip, we hear gunshots and screams, then more gunshots, more screams.

Perhaps these up-close views — through the eyes of the victims — will force Americans to see these shootings in a new way. Perhaps.

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