Face Herpes Is A Thing, And Your Kids Can Get It!

Photo by: ABC NewsPhoto by: ABC News

Ever heard of face herpes? No? Well then you were not a wrestler in high school. Herpes Gladiatorum is a strain of herpes that is very common with wrestlers, and gladiators. We are not entertained. Meet Blake Flovin from Fresno, CA, after a meet in San Jose, he contracted what looked and was diagnosed as acne. It was not acne, it was a very contagious form of herpes that is spread through contact with a person or something that they have touched. Blake is speaking out to keep this outbreak from spreading. Kudos Blake!

ABC News reports that The California Interscholastic Federation says the tournament will go on, and doctors will be on hand. Meanwhile, Blake has decided to focus on football, where you have a big cage around your face protecting you from other people’s weird rashes.