These Crazy Girlfriends Destroy The Things Their Men Love


How to lose a guy in 10 min? Get between him and the things he loves. For most women, video games, Star Wars collections and other hobbies are just something that they don’t get. Why would you spend hours playing a video game when you can sepend time with me? Why would you spend money on these stupid toy collections when you could spend it on me? Ladies, chances are that these interests are not new. Don’t be a demanding attention whore, be the cool girl, cool, supportive girl, like you were the first month of dating. Remember when you said you loved Star Wars? Remember when you sat there and watched him play Call of Duty? Maybe just start with not being these women:


  1. Crazy Asian Girlfriend Smashes PS3




So the PS3 is pretty old, we assume that this video is from a while back.

Reason: It’s 3 am and her boyfriend is on the couch, where he has been for the last few months. Not paying the bills or going to school, AKA “the dream.”

Action: Goes into living room, smashes system.

Damage: Total destruction, if he has no job replacing this system will be harder than replacing her.